About Śraddhāpa

Śraddhāpa portrait.jpg

As a Dharma translator, I aim to translate Buddhist sacred texts into clear, readable, elegant English in order to support and inspire English-speaking Buddhists in their practice.

I was born and grew up in Scotland, and have always loved learning other languages. My first degree was in French and Scandinavian languages, and I went on to study translation, religion, and the four main languages of the Buddhist scriptures – Sanskrit, Pali, Chinese, and Tibetan. I am currently spending a year studying Chinese full-time at the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei.

I became a Buddhist at 16, and I was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2015. I was given the name Śraddhāpa as part of my ordination. It means ‘He who protects his faith’ in Sanskrit.

Academic Qualifications

MA(Hons) Scandinavian Studies, University of Edinburgh, 2003
MA Advanced Scandinavian Translation Studies, University College London, 2006
Diploma of Education, University of Oslo, 2009
BA History of Religion, University of Oslo, 2012
MPhil Sanskrit, University of Oslo, 2017